Bottled Water Coolers, Bottle-FreeĀ® Water Coolers, & Office Water Solutions in the Ohio Valley

The water cooler is an essential part of office life. Make sure you are filling it with the highest quality and most refreshing water available with Culligan. Choose from our traditional bottled water delivery method or go with a Culligan state-of-the-art Bottle-Free drinking water system. We offer new customers the ability to order water online for their office.  Your Culligan Man can be reached at anytime to answer any water related questions by filling out the form above!

Office Water Cooler

Culligan can also provide your business with:

  • Soft Water
  • Filtered Water
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Deionization (DI) Systems
  • Bottle-Free® Water Service
  • Point of Use (POU) Systems
  • Salt Delivery
  • Service Agreements
  • Leasing & Financing Options

Trying to Think Outside The Bottle?

Try our Bottle-Free® Cooler!

Support your company’s green initiative with a Culligan Bottle-Free® water cooler. Our Bottle-Free® cooler is the most eco-friendly, green solution to high quality drinking water on the market today. Your office will get all the benefits of our great tasting, purified bottled water without the hassle off scheduling deliveries or having to worry about running out of water. The Bottle-Free® water cooler simply attaches to your water supply and provides an endless stream of water directly to your glass via our reverse osmosis filtration system.  Order a Culligan Bottle-Free® Cooler today!