Water Filtration Systems in Cincinnati OH, Dayton OH, & Richmond IN

Discover the Difference with Culligan Whole House Water Filters

Culligan Whole House Water Filters can make a dramatic difference in your home. Nothing transforms your home's water quite like a Culligan Whole House Water Filter. With a simple filtration installation by your Culligan Man, you'll see and taste the difference throughout your whole house right away!

Rent a drinking water system or a water softener for $9.95/month!

Culligan offers numerous water filters designed to target the specific challenges of your home’s water. We have been dealing with problem water in the Ohio Valley for over 75 years, and know exactly how to solve your water’s problems.

So whether your home is experiencing smelly water due to sulfur or rust stains in your bathtub caused by iron, Culligan has the tools and experience necessary to give you the absolute best water in your home. A Culligan® Water Filtration System is easy to use and can be controlled from anywhere in your house via our remote display.

When it comes time for your filter to receive periodic maintenance, the filter will automatically send notice to your local Culligan Man® so you never have to worry.  Culligan is experienced with all types of problem water so you can rest assured that your family’s water is in good hands with your local Culligan Man. 

  • Remove dirt, silt, clay and other sediments from your drinking and household water
  • No cartridges to change or clean minimizes unpleasant odors
  • Reduce effects of water corrosion on plumbing, appliances and fixtures
  • Eliminate water stains due to corrosion
  • No need for chemical regenerants, helping to save you time, money and a hassle 

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