Culligan® Drinking Water Systems in Cincinnati OH, Dayton OH, & Richmond IN

Drinking water is an essential part of your household and diet. Make sure you are getting the purest and most refreshing water available with a Culligan Drinking Water System. We have drinking water solutions for all your needs. Whether you prefer an under-sink unit that lets you drink purified Culligan water straight from the tap or you prefer bottled water delivery, Culligan can make it happen. Take a look at our offerings below to find out which one is right for you, your family and your budget.

Culligan® Aqua-Cleer® Drinking Water System

Rent or Purchase a Culligan Aqua-Cleer Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System for only $10 per mo.

The Culligan Aqua-Cleer® Drinking Water Filtration System is the premier water filtration system on the market today. Throughout the Ohio Valley, water quality can differ city-to-city and even within the same town. With this in mind, Culligan developed the revolutionary and innovative Aqua-Cleer® Drinking Water System featuring 14 interchangeable filters that allows the Culligan Man to design the perfect solution for your home’s water. Not only will this system remove the impurities* from your water, but can also save you money.

  • Reduce harmful impurities* like lead, radium, arsenic and more
  • Save money when compared to using single-serve bottles from the store
  • Improve the taste of baby formula, coffee, tea, powdered drinks, soups and recipes
  • Help save the environment by eliminating wasteful plastic bottles
  • Ability to connect directly into your gourmet coffee maker and ice maker
  • Frees up valuable refrigerator space from pitchers and bottled water
  • Meets strict standards of NSF International

*impurities may not be in your water

Bottled Water Delivery

Culligan Bottled WaterMaybe you prefer bottled water for your home or office. Then you’re in the right place because Culligan is the region’s bottled water delivery expert. Experience the convenience and luxury of Culligan® water delivered directly to your home whenever you schedule it. We have numerous cooler designs that will tastefully blend into your home’s décor.  With Culligan, bottled water is now more hassle free than ever. We will take care of all deliveries, refills, removals, recycling of bottles and the maintenance and cleaning of your cooler. 

  • Great tasting water in your home for your whole family
  • Have both cold, refreshing drinking water and steaming hot water at the touch of a switch
  • Get the water you prefer by choosing from our filtered, spring, demineralized or distilled water
  • No installation necessary, simply plug the cooler into the wall and you’re ready to enjoy
  • Innovative no-spill bottle technology for an easy change of empty bottles
  • Option to rent or buy a Culligan water cooler or even deliver water to your already existing cooler

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Culligan® Bottle-Free®

Culligan Bottled WaterWant the convenience of bottled water without having to worry about scheduling deliveries and pickups? Culligan’s Bottle-Free® water cooler is our alternative to bottled delivery that is designed to seamlessly fit into your busy lifestyle. A Culligan Bottle-Free® water cooler is the most eco-friendly, green solution to high quality drinking water on the market today. The Bottle-Free® water cooler simply attaches to your water supply and provides an endless stream of water directly to your glass via our reverse osmosis filtration system. Enjoy all the benefits of bottled water without the bottle.

  • Never run out of water by eliminating bottle deliveries
  • Receive one predictable monthly invoice
  • Save the environment by keeping wasteful plastic out of our landfills
  • By eliminating the need to lift or store heavy 5 pound bottles, Bottle-Free® is truly hassle-free
  • Culligan offers Energy Star certified Bottle-Free coolers that use about half the energy of standard models which could mean savings of more than $200 on your energy bill throughout the unit’s life span 

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